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Gone are the days when beauty used to lie in the eyes of the beholder. Today, you need to be beautiful to look beautiful to others. So, to make the process easier, here are some secret beauty tips to give you that perfect look.

If your legs and arms are dry and flaky, mix two-teaspoons of lemon juice, one teaspoon of petroleum jelly and two-teaspoon of glycerin. You should apply this lotion twice a week to make your skin glow.

Good beauty tips: You might suffer from sunburns in summers or after joining swimming classes. To get rid of these sunburns, peel and then grate cucumber. Take out the juice and then mix half a teaspoon of rose water and half a teaspoon of glycerin. Mix it well and then apply on those regions where you have sunburn. In a few days, you will notice change in the affected area.

A regular oil massage is a must. Massage is a great therapy to relax your body. Go for a mixture of scented oils- rosemary or jasmine with coconut oil. Apart from that, if your palms are rough then apply the mixture of limejuice and glycerin in equal proportion.

If you have cracked heals, then massage can soothe the affliction. Massage your foot with coconut oil. Keeping your foot in the warm water is the best way to clean your foot. Then dry your feet completely and make a mixture of one handful of henna, nearly ten hibiscus flowers and lemon juice or half a lime. You can also remove the scars from your hands and feet by applying lemon peel on the affected region.

Beauty tips and tricks: Another common complaint is dark circles around the eyes. The reason for this occurrence can be many but it takes just a few simple and essential secret beauty tips to get rid of it. Check you have a balanced diet, get plenty of sleep and apply coconut oil around the eyes. You can also dip cotton wool in cold milk to remove dark circles on your closed eyes.

Secret makeup tips: To have thick and long eyelashes, apply a very light coat of castor oil before going off to sleep at night. This not only helps to thicken your eyelashes but also cools them down. Wash your eyes by adding water in a small quantity to have sparkling and bright eyes. A mixture of lemon juice and tomato juice in equal proportion applied around the eyes for 30 minutes will keep your eyes cool and beautiful. Wash your eyes alternatively with both hot and cold water after every 30 minutes and see the difference.

To avoid black color lips, apply lemon skin juice to your lips. Prepare the juice with coriander leaves and massage it on your lips to make them rosy and soft.
There are many homemade secret beauty tips that can help you to enhance your beauty. These secret beauty tips won't cost you much and can be easily prepared and applied.

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