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For overweight people, a fasting weight loss plan has been an unconventional approach used by some individuals. Implementing a fasting weight loss plan into your diet program is a form of bodily cleansing advocated by many eastern philosophies. Many people have experienced positive results from this approach when implemented correctly. There are several factors that you need to consider before fasting for weight loss. Excessive fasting may very well deprive the body of much needed nutrients. It can result in low energy, weakness, and also dizziness. Fasting should only be undertaken on a periodic basis. It is not meant to be implemented for long durations. When performing a fast is a good idea to only do so outside of work or active commitments.

Weight loss for fasting has many staunch opponents. Some claim that with fasting, weight loss can comprise muscles and water instead of fat. They also argue that the weight can be regained by simply beginning to eat again. The dangers of excessive fasting is that the body metabolism can slow down which causes the body to retain fat. Effective weight loss requires a functionally efficient metabolism. This is why weight los through fasting should only be done on an irregular basis.

Fasting has many documented benefits. Fasting can help detoxify the body systems. Detoxification results in improved bodily functions. This can result in more energy and reduced bodily cravings.

There are two primary types of fasting that you can try. They include:
The water fast: you can drink all the water you can while observing this particular fast. No food is consumed during the fasting period.
The juice fast: Only juice is consumed. Juice contains some basic nutrients so many claim that juicing is a superior fasting alternative. Vegetables can also be blended into the juice.

During the fast, your body will understand the lack of foods and find other ways to build energy. The glucose of the body is usually used to produce ketones. Your hunger pangs will usually subside by the third day of fasting. However, the first couple of days can be quite difficult.

Fasting weight loss when done responsibly can be effective. Weight loss from fasting can be incorporated as part of any dietary plan. However, fasting should ideally be limited to one day and performed only periodically. Other than losing weight, you will also cleanse your body. Thus, fasting isdesigned to improve your bodies over functions in addition to assisting to lose weight.

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