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With the supplement industry spending millions of dollars developing and marketing 'miracle' diet pills, the question becomes does Hoodia work? Is this the miraculous diet pill it is claimed to be by most manufactures? This article will examine some pertinent issues.
If you spend any time listening to the radio or watching television you will have noticed the increasing dedication of advertising campaigns promoting all sorts of outrageous Hoodia health claims. Before you waste your money you might want to investigate a little further.

Not all the companies selling Hoodia supplements engage is misleading behavior or are out to exploit you. Many companies are actually selling the legitimate product. However, with the lack of federal regulation on supplements, smaller companies can actually get away with selling pills that claim to be Hoodia based without actually containing any traces of the real ingredients. That's without even entering into a debate on whether there are any legitimate weight loss claims associated with Hoodia.

The ads sure sound great when they make claims that you can sit around and pop a couple of pills and drop a boatload of weight. The bottom line is that short term fixes like this never work. Even if they did there would be adverse side effects.

Initially, it might appear from touted Hoodia information that this herb might have some promise. The main hype started years ago on a popular night time show which presented Hoodia as a breakthrough miracle weight loss pill. The industry got wind of this and it didn't take long for internet spammers and late night advertisers to take hold of this, cerate products containing all sorts of ingredients, and peddle it as the latest weight loss cure.

The actual Hoodia herb has been used by the natives in South Africa as an appetite suppressant. This was used to assist in long journey's. Hoodia, in its natural state, has merits as an advertising suppressant but this does not necessarily translate into weight loss. The real issue is the current bombardment of the industry with products claiming to be Hoodia that are actually not the real thing. This is as much a regulation problem perpetuated by a lack of standards and enforcement.

The amount of Hoodia sold on a worldwide basis actually exceeds that produced. Hoodia is cultivated in a small area of southern Africa and takes a considerable amount of time to grow and mature. There is a greater quantity of Hoodia sold than is legitimately produced and exported from this region. This gives rise to the fact that a large portion of the Hoodia that is actually sold is, in fact, counterfeit.

What is actually put into Hoodia supplements doesn't actually have to be Hoodia because, since the Dietary Supplement and health Act (DSHEA) of 1994, there is no testing or regulatory procedures to test the bottle constituents. Even if the capsules do contain Hoodia, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that Hoodia actually causes any serious weight loss.

If you did use real Hoodia as an appetite suppressant, this is not necessarily any real help. If the body is deprived of vital nutrients needed to maintain efficiency and retain your basic metabolic rate, any weight loss could end up being muscle and if your metabolic rate decreases, this can result in fat conservation and excess weight gain in the future.

So, the bottom line is that a high percentage of the Hoodia supplements sold on the market are false and even if the brands were honest, which some of the larger companies are, there is no proof that the amount of Hoodia placed in the capsules is sufficient to suppress an individuals appetite to the same extent as the raw Hoodia plant consumed by the native bushman, nor is there any serious degree of evidence to back up any claims that Hoodia can produce sustainable weight loss.

Does Hoodia work? Realistically, there are no miracle cures and with the uncertainties raised above, it is unlikely you will produce significant and sustainable weight loss. If you want a lean, healthy and strong body for life then you need to embrace solid principles of exercise and nutrition.

If you want to find out what works and why and trim away those unwanted pounds, investigate this site for a free report that details 27 unique methods for raising your metabolism and melting away those unwanted pounds.

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