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Are you looking for an exercise to tone your butt to give it that sexy and shapely appearance? Most women want to improve their butt appearance.

This won't cost you an arm and a leg because there is no need to rush out and purchase the latest fancy exercises machine. You can perform this exercise with your own body weight or a simple dumbbell.

The specific exercise in question is referred to as the single-leg Romanian deadlift. This exercise is a great butt exercise for women to firm and tighten the back of the thighs. Furthermore, because this exercise requires balancing on a single leg, this exercise can really help strengthen you supporting leg muscles. Here's the breakdown on how to get started:

(a) Stand on one leg and focus in front of you. Place the other leg behind you.

(b) Keep your leg slightly bent throughout the full range of motion

(c) Begin to bend forward. Push your hips and butt back. Keep your back flat but do not round it.
(d) While in the bent position, with your hips pushed back, kick your leg out behind you. Try to reach down and touch the toe of the front planted foot. This should stretch out your hamstrings and you will feel it as you back becomes parallel to the floor.

(e) Try to squeeze the butt muscle will you reverse out of the movement and retain your upright position. (keep you back in the flat position). This constitutes one rep. The aim is to build up to 10 reps with each leg for two to three sets. You can do this at home or mix it in as part of your normal routine. After the end of a few sets you will really feel like you have worked the butt and back of your thighs.

In the beginning this exercise will be a challenge until you maintain the correct balance and form. After working this in with several workouts you will start to get better and be able to perform more repetitions. This is a great butt exercise for women so once you get it down you will reap the benefits of this super butt exercise.

Do you want to know more about butt shaping exercises and discover workouts that will supercharge your butt toning efforts? Discover 27 unique methods for raising your metabolism to melt away fat.

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