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Many late night infomercials constantly pump out ads on the latest butt and thigh firming exercises for women. These machines are supposedly a miracle cure for transforming your body overnight. You don't need to part with your hard earned cash to get the desired results. The following article will provide some practical guidance on thigh exercises for women.

Free weights or bodyweight exercises are the best exercises for butt and leg toning. Squats, step-ups, lunges and deadlifts can add shape and form to your leg and butt region. There are also dozens of variations of these exercises that contribute to thigh firming. These exercises also provide functional strength and work the connective tissues that fancy gadgets often neglect.

A great thigh slimming exercise is a variation of original lunges. Standard practice for this approach is to stand in a stationary position and lunge forwards and backwards using either a barbell or dumbell. Instead of this, you can try walking lunges. Each time you do this exercise you can try for a little more distance. You only need to use light weight. This exercise is a killer leg and butt exercise for shaping and toning this region.

Important considerations for doing lunges:
(a) Make sure that your thigh is parallel to the ground when you lunge forward. Try not to jerk when you perform the movement.

(b) Always try to maintain correct form. The trailing leg should have a bent knee that almost touches the ground. Do not allow the back knee to hit the ground.

(c) Briefly pause at the top of each step prior to lunging forward again. This helps you maintain composure and isolate the muscle.

There are several variations of this exercise that can work the muscles slightly differently for achieving toned legs and a sexy butt by exercising the inner and outer thigh regions. Cross over lunges, whereby you turn your feet slightly inward on each lunge stretches the thigh and buttocks region.

Before you spend money on a fancy machine, consider using your bodyweight or a pair of dumbbells to slim and tone the leg and butt region. You can build up as your resistance and conditioning levels improve. You can even perform this exercise in the comfort of your own home. For more great tips for a firm and shapely body, download the free 27 page fat loss report for boosting your metabolism and losing fat.

A great exercise to tone your butt

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