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Excess weight is a big problem for many people. A sedentary lifestyle coupled with high calorie foods, poor overall nutrition and lack of exercise is contributing to obesity in people. However, there are several activities that can be incorporated as part of an exercise regime. One alternative that is growing in popularity is Yoga fitness weight loss programs.

There are several reasons for weight gain. This includes stress, incorrect food habits, lack of exercise and health problems such as a poor thyroid function. All these factors can contribute to weight gain. Diet and exercise programs are very important to lose weight. However, the results are often temporary for many who do not maintain long term measures. The best way therefore, is to lose weight gradually and permanently.

Keeping all these factors in mind, Yoga exercise for weight loss is a popular solution. Yoga can tone the body in a uniform manner. Yoga can also be practiced at practically any age and helps to keep the body supple by improving flexibility. You may approach yoga studios which offer several modified yoga exercise classes to help people lose weight.

So, how exactly does yoga help with weight loss? Weight loss through yoga results from the elevation of your heart rate to that slightly above walking. It also helps calm the mind and can assist with eliminating negative feelings such as depression. It terms of calorie expenditure, it does not burn calories to the same extent as intense weight training or aerobic exercise but it is a great complement to an existing exercise regime.

Yoga also improves the metabolism and helps to build muscle. The more you build muscle, the more you will be able to burn calories. This burning of calories occurs even when the body is at rest since muscle burns calories at a faster rate. The thyroid gland, which directly affects the metabolism, is also stimulated by yoga which assists weight management.

Therefore, weight loss with yoga is a useful addition to an exercise program. Whether you're a middle aged individual looking to avoid the middle age spread or just looking to complement an existing exercise regime, a yoga fitness weight loss program is a great way to improve overall health and fitness. You should, however, also understand the importance of diet and nutrition and be sure to incorporate them as part of your overall approach to health and fitness.

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