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Cellulite laser treatment is a new and exciting development in cosmetic surgery that is one cellulite remedy that can be part of an effective overall cellulite reduction program. Cellulite laser treatment focuses on softening the tissue to break down fatty deposits. Cellulite laser treatment first breaks up fat molecules and collagen, and then smaller focused lasers generate new collagen making surface skin smooth. Localized cooling is then used to prevent bruising and swelling of the skin.

Cellulite laser treatments are constantly evolving. A new scientific breakthrough using a machine celled a free-electron laser can produce very targeted beams to breakdown fat without damaging other body tissue. It is important to research the different forms of cellulite laser treatment to find out which one is most appropriate.

Liposuction is another cosmetic cellulite treatment procedure that removes fat deposits trapped between the skin and muscle. It is a surgical procedure that requires a general anesthesia. A special suction device breaks down the layers of fat. Another form of liposuction, Tumescent liposuction, avoids the need for a general anesthesia by using a local anesthetic in combination with epinephrine. A endermologie machine also targets cellulite by massaging the affected areas whilst gently sucking fat molecules. This form of cellulite treatment elongates the connective fibers that hold the fat cells expelling toxins and water.

Before resorting to either liposuction or cellulite laser treatment it is important to investigate the role of other cellulite remedies. A holistic approach to cellulite reduction involves being aware ofinternal and external cellulite treatments. The cellulite reduction treatment page of this website outlines some other pertinent cellulite remedies, cellulite ceream treatment and approaches that should be incorporated before you decide to use expensive cosmetic treatments such as cellulite laser treatment.

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