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Cellulite thighs is a very common problem found in women. Excess weight often stores on the thigh region and can be compounded by poor circulation problems. Many women experience psychological stress or reduced self esteem due to this condition. The following article discusses some factors that affect thigh cellulite, prevention and treatment options.

What is cellulite? Cellulite is a common condition that looks like a dimple on the thighs or buttocks. Cellulite is not necessarily caused due to excess weight but as a result of other problems. This problem becomes more of a problem as you grow older. Essentially, cellulite on thighs is also a result of insufficient collagen and elastin in your skin. In women, hormones also play a major role in cellulite formation.

The following factors lead to Cellulite:

Age: With age, you tend to lose thickness and elasticity within the connective tissues comprising the dermis. As a result, cellulite can become more visible.
Lifestyle: Exercise and Diet. If you do not maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, then the overall appearance of cellulite can become worse due to improper health, weight gain, less water intake and improper nutrition.

Hormones: The cellulite problem can also occur when there are hormonal changes in your body. This change and cellulite development are both found mostly among women, especially at the time of pregnancy, part of the premenstrual syndrome, during puberty, or menopause. Cellulite can also manifest when you start taking birth control pills. Hormones are the major root cause of formation of cellulite when you find changes in lymphatic drainage, blood flow, connective tissue and fat.

Prevention technique for cellulite: Eating a healthy diet and exercising can reduce weight gain and partially eliminate the appearance. Getting rid of cellulite on the thighs can require several different approaches. Some women have experienced rapid improvement from a change in lifestyle.

Treatment for Cellulite: This includes lifestyle considerations already discussed. Others have found that creams assist. Laser therapy or surgery is a drastic measure that some women have resorted to remove cellulite on the thigh region. Endermologie is another modern technique that has produced positive results for some women. This is a form of deep tissue massage done on the affected area.

Discovering how to get rid of cellulite can involve some trial and error to create a solution that best works for you. The above suggestions should be part considered as a way to prevent and remove cellulite thighs.

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