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Current medical research indicates that there are several contributing factors to the cause of cellulite. Cellulite affects about 85% of women and even thin women have some cellulite. Cellulite remedies and treatments focus on preventing, reducing and minimising the appearance of cellulite and making appropriate lifestyle modifications to behavior that contributes to cellulite. One theory on the cause of cellulite is thought to be the weakening of the blood and lymph drainage vessels that maintain a fresh supply of nutrients to tissues and remove waste by-products in the circulatory system. Free radicals form within body cells and the body utilizes them to destroy unwanted bacteria and viruses. This activity can create a weakening of bodily cells, damaging the DNA cells and connective tissues which can interrupt the body's circulatory system and impact negatively on the connective tissues that shape fat.

Lack of exercise, estrogen imbalance and poor lymphatic drainage are other factors thought to contributing to cellulite. The circulatory system requires a fresh supply of blood to stimulate the connective tissues. The lymphatic system is dependent on movement to keep the lymph flowing and if poor drainage exists, possibly due to toxin build up or estrogen imbalance, the skin can become bloated with excess fluid. This build up can restrict the blood from revitalizing the connective tissues as well as damaging the free radicals. The result is a less than efficient bodily absorption of the fat stored under the cells.

Despite medical debate over contributing hereditary and lifestyle factors, there are several cellulite remedies available that can be applied to help get rid of cellulite. By identifying the suggested root causes of cellulite, it is possible to outline a range of alternatives available to assist in cellulite reduction treatment. There are cellulite remedies available that focus on cellulite removal and other lifestyle suggestions that can help to strengthen the bodies circulatory system to help prevent cellulite. Cellulite laser treatment and liposuction is a cosmetic treatment that can be utilised in stubborn areas after other cellulite remedies and cellulite prevention measures have been taken.

One popular cellulite remedy is the use of cellulite cream treatment. Cellulite lotions assist the body to metabolize and burn fat that causes cellulite. It is suggested that individuals learn more about how cellulite creams help to assist in the overall cellulite removal process together with other preventative measures. Often the best solution for cellulite reduction is to apply a holistic approach. Cellulite remedies are one part of cellulite cure but performing a range of activities or lifestyle adjustments, such as cellulite exercise and instituting an appropriate cellulite diet is a definite worthwhile mindset to adopt in order to get rid of cellulite.

Exercise is important to overall health and fitness and exercise to get rid of cellulite should be part of your lifestyle. Staying active, no matter your age should help you to live a more active, healthy and rewarding life. Exercise helps you to look and feel better. Your skin will retain that healthy glow, you will have better concentration and you will sleep better at night. The exercise section of this site will provide guidelines on different ways to exercise, even if you are a busy professional and time poor. You should consider that the benefits of the exercise are numerous and you'll maintain a much more positive orientation to life if you exercise on a regular basis.

Diet and weight loss help to assist the body to retain shape and reduce the chances that you will be affected by cellulite. Hydrogenated fats and oils, poor nitrition and eating habits can take a toll on your body if not corected. It is importnat to learn more about nutirtion so that you don't add junk to your trunk! The diet and weight loss section of this site has additional information that is informative and useful to individuals looking to learn more about cellulite diet.

The Beauty section of this site provides secret beauty tips, hair are and makeup suggestions to bring out your natural beauty.

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